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About Us
What benefit derived from our 16th years of services: Condominium-Juristic person & Condominium-Property/Building.

> Condominium-Property Project(Building, Facility, Amenity) will remain safe,good shape, cleaned, esthetically and well function for your happiness living. This quality ensured by our 35 years experience of Architectural works Engineering skill.
> Our in-house sofware will generate financial report , transcation of bills and expenses be 100% transparancy and accurate figures result.
> Our design Operating control system be implemented to accommodate community-care services and to support community ethics encouragement.
> Our Legal advisory providing a appropriated way of decision making for any further deveopment entirely.

** We focus rather on the Professional Property management Services for the benefit of the Condominium's community,the Co-owners & the stake holders.

** With our skill and experience management for more than 50 of Condominiums and 40 Housing Villages project,that made we keen on creative solutions and reveal Condominium-community's Needs.

Category of Services
1. Condominium Juristic Person Management(Condominium, Housing Estate)
Juristic registration services and Facility Asset management
Arrangement any appropriated for the meeting of Committee & Annual General of the Co-owners.

2. Property & Facility Management (Residential, Commercial, Office Tower)
Fully services for the Residents & Community, Facility & Amenity repairing & maintenance.

3. Accounting services : Balance-sheet, Income statement, Debit-Credit Transactions

4. Legal advisory and to encourage of people compliance to the Regulations and Rules.

5. Engineering & Architectural Design & Inspection
Construction and Engineering Systems, Preventive maintenance-repairing.

 Condominium & Juristic Condominium

Living at Condominium (the height-life) style, there are many facilities, so call " Common Asset",designated support & service to all residents in the condominium pleasantly living together.

** By law, the condominium shall be established a Juristic Person Condominium(Juristic Manager), and Committee, who is full authorize to oversee and manage the Common Asset.

**Juristic management, to ensure the Asset is remain well-equipped and full availability accommodated the Residents enjoy living.
To Create friendly community.

** We,Janus is continuing for 17th years service of Property Management& Community care-services in the Real Estate market. 

What is the Common Asset?
The Common or public facility that  well prepared for accomodate and entertain people who stay in the building People in Condominium are co-owner who possess the right proportionally and eligible to obtain services out of the facility.
How nice to living in Condominium
The building devided as each UNIT / Asset for each  owner , each who also possess the right of Common Asset in proportionally.  People together living in a BIG house with freindly cooperation and enjoy state-of-art...